1. Office of the Board of Directors:

  1. Notice of BOD Meeting

  2. Minutes of the Board Meeting (Regular and Special)

  3. Board Resolutions

  4. Summary of Board Resolutions

  5. Correspondence as needed

  1. Office of the General Manager

  1. Correspondence for mails and E-mails

  1. Office of the Administrative And Finance Division

  1. Daily Cashier’s Report

  2. Journal Entry Vouchers

  3. Disbursement Vouchers

  4. Employees Payroll

  5. CCS Monthly Summary Report

  6. General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger

  7. Financial Statements

  8. BIR Reports

  9. PPE Depreciation Schedule

  10. Pre and Post-Repair Inspection Report

  11. Remittance Report for GSIS, HDMF and PHIC

  12. Monthly Report on Absences, Late and Tardiness and Leave Balances

  13. Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth

  14. 201 file

  15. Personal Data Sheet

  16. Service Records

  17. Time Log Sheet

  18. Logbook of Incoming and Outgoing Documents

  19. Stores’ Requisition Slip

  20. Service Request

  21. Petty Cash Voucher

  22. Payroll Slip

  23. Time and Payroll Sheet

  24. Purchase Order

  25. Stores’ Requisition Slip

  26. Materials Issues and Supplies Journal

  27. Stock Card

  28. Bin Card

  29. Property Cards

  30. Monthly Stock Status Report

  31. Quarterly Report on RUCA, ROSA, EIME and Publicized Project

  32. Quarterly Report on Water District Data

  33. PHILGEPS/BAC Reports

  1. Commercial Section

  1. Cashier’s Collection Summary

  2. Summary Report on Billing vs. Collection

  3. Ageing of Accounts Receivable and Others

  4. Service Application

  5. Billing Notice

  6. Daily Billing Summary

  7. Daily Collection Report

  8. Daily Cashier’s Report

  9. Bank Deposits

  10. Official Receipts

  11. Penalty Billing List

  12. Billing Adjustment Memo

  13. Report of Billing on Water Sales and Penalties

  14. Monthly Report on the No. of NSC, Disconnection and Reconnection

  15. Report of Accountability for Accountable Forms

  16. Summary Report on Microbiological Test

  17. Meter History Card

  18. Senior Citizen Discount Availment

  19. Concessionaires’ Card

  20. Summary of New Service Connections

  21. Summary of Other Miscellaneous Charges

  22. Summary of Reconnection Fees and Other Receivables

  23. Master List of Service Connections

  1. Engineering/Production and Maintenance

  1. Maintenance Order

  2. Pictures of Maintenance

  3. Daily Residual Monitoring Report

  4. Monthly Water Tests

  5. Pumping Operation

  6. Survey Form

  7. Service Connection

  8. Summary of Work Done

  9. Inspection Report

  10. Monthly Report of Pumping Hours

  11. Report of Fuel Consumption

  12. Reservoir and Accomplishment Report

  13. Pre and Post Repair Inspection Report



Prepared By:                                                       Approved By:

YOLANDA C. DAGOS                                        CIRILO T. FRONDOSO


Div. Mgr. C, Admin. & Finance                             General Manager