Certification of Compliance with

Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth



SALN Submission /Filing

This certifies that 14 employees out of 14 employees of the TAGKAWAYAN WATER DISTRICT covered by RA 6713 have filed their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and net Worth (SALN) for FY 2015. The Local Water District has forwarded/filed all SALNs with the appropriate receiving entity (i.e. Ombudsman in the case of President, Vice president and Constitutional Officials, etc.), in accordance with RA 6713 and its implementing rules and regulations.

This also attests that the submission of this agency’s employees have substantially complied with the minimum requisites for content and formalities prescribed under Republic Act 6713 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, which are as follows:

  1. Basic Information

  2. Assets (Real Properties and Personal Properties)

  3. Liabilities

  4. Net Worth

  5. Financial Connections and Business Interests

  6. Relatives in the Government

Lastly, this certifies that this agency has already executed appropriate action against those who failed to comply with RA 6713 and have no justifiable reason not to comply.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto affixed our signatures on the 15th day of September, 2016 at Tagkawayan, Quezon, Philippines.


       YOLANDA C. DAGOS                                               CIRILO T. FRONDOSO

                Chairman                                                                General Manager

                                                                             SALN Review and Compliance Committee